Nevada Hot Shots

Capitol City Gun Club

Youth Trap Shooting Acadamy of Capitol City Gun Club

Nevada 4-H Youth Development

Although organized under the Capitol City Gun Club, the Hot Shots operate as part of the Nevada System of Higher Education Cooperative Extension 4-H program.  

Shooting Sports teaches life skills as youth learn marksmanship, safe use of firearms, and the ethical principles of hunting.

The activities of the 4-H Shooting Sports Program as well as the interaction and support of caring adult leaders provide the youth with opportunities to develop conservation ethics, life skills, and a sense of self-worth.

The following link provides information about the 4-H program through the Cooperative Extension.

The following are resources listed on the Cooperative Extention's 4-H Shooting Sports Site:

4-H Shooting Sports Rules

Nevada 4-H Shooting Sports Bochure

Risk Management Plan

Nevada 4-H Shooting Sports Club Safety Checklist for Firearm Storage and Transportation

Nevada 4-H Shooting Sports Program (Administration, Organization, & Operation)

Shooting Sports Instructor Training/Certification Policies

4-H Shooting Sports Student Skills Manual

Nevada 4-H Shooting Sports Project Record